Tips To Preserve Your Alignment And Suspension

Is your steering or wheels out of alignment? Keep your Bimmer driving straight as an arrow by taking care of your alignment and suspension. Though the parts wear down over time, you can take some precautions to keep your BMW in top form. Follow these tips to preserve your Bimmer’s alignment and suspension.

BMW alignment and suspension repair

Proper Tire Care

There are several reasons to keep your tires properly inflated. Too much pressure can cause uneven wear, and low pressure can quickly lead to a blowout. However, your tires are also great indicators of when you have a suspension or alignment problem. Improper alignment will reveal itself in uneven wear on your tires, so be sure to check them regularly. Look for signs of feathering, heel-toe wear, and single-side wear. All of these are indicators of various suspension and alignment problems.

Drive With Care

This is a pretty common-sense tip, but we’ll go ahead and include it. Your wheels can easily get knocked out of alignment when you bump into curbs or drive through major potholes. Be careful backing up and in those parking garages too! Try to avoid running up on concrete curbs. We know that sometimes it’s inevitable, especially those sneaky potholes on the highway, but driving with a little extra care can go a long way in keeping your suspension and alignment in good shape.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to avoid a real disaster is to catch a problem before it gets worse. You can perform your own basic maintenance by paying attention when you drive. Does your car pull to one side when driving? Do you hear a knocking or creaking sound when you turn a corner? When you go over a bump, does it feel rougher than normal? These are all signs to watch and listen for that may indicate an alignment or suspension issue. You should also have your power steering fluid checked at every oil change. If you think you might need alignment or suspension repair, see a certified mechanic as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Don’t let a damaged alignment and suspension keep you from driving your BMW the way you were meant to drive. Call Bimmer Repair at 469-471-6433 for BMW alignment and suspension repair in Dallas, TX. We only repair the ultimate driving machine, so you know your Bimmer is in good hands.