Tips For Cold Weather Car Care

While it rarely gets extremely cold in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, it is important to modify your car maintenance routine when the temperatures drop. If you’ll be traveling for the holidays to a colder climate, make sure to thoroughly prepare for snow, ice, and other weather. Here are some cold weather car care tips to help your BMW stay in top shape all season long.

Check Tire Pressure

cold weather car careColder weather can cause your tire pressure to drop, so be sure to keep an eye out for problems. Low tire pressure can lead to poor mileage and fuel economy, increased wear on your tire tread, and reduced stopping time. Keep a pressure gauge in your car and don’t rely solely on your TPM light.

Inspect Wiper Blades

With the increased amount of precipitation common in the winter, your windshield wipers may be working a little harder. Plus, when used to scrape over frosty or icy windshields, your wipers can wear down faster. Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition before you really need them!

Take Your Bimmer In For Maintenance

Colder temperatures can cause a host of other concerns for your car, so a quick check or regular maintenance is wise. Old hoses and seals can get brittle, batteries tend to drain, and more. Be sure to schedule your BMW maintenance with the experts at Bimmer Repair before your holiday travels!

Wash It Off

Your bimmer always looks best after a wash, but did you know that keeping your car clean offers other benefits? If you drive on treated or salted roads in the winter, the harsh de-icing materials can damage your car, leading to worn paint and rust. Keep your bimmer shining all season long and be sure to wash off any salt, mud, or other dirt.

Whether you need BMW repair or professional maintenance services, contact Bimmer Repair at 469-471-6433. We are your cold weather car care experts in Dallas, TX!