The Symptoms of a Bad Oil Filter

An Auto Mechanic is Holding an Old, Dirty Engine Oil Filter

Learn What the Symptoms Are for a Bad Oil Filter.

Want your BMW’s engine to be in the very best condition? The best way for this to happen is to get your oil changed. While the oil lubricates the engine, the oil filter ensures that contaminants are being filtered out of the engine’s oil. When the oil filter isn’t in great condition, the performance of your BMW can suffer. Knowing what the symptoms of a bad oil filter are can prevent any unwanted issues for your car. Below are some of the symptoms of a bad oil filter in your BMW.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Oil Filter?

  • Car Sputtering: One of the biggest symptoms of a bad oil filter is when your car is sputtering. Usually, when the oil filter is clogged, which in turn makes it hard for the car to release oil. This can cause problems with the speed of your car, so it’s important to take your car in when you notice any sputtering.
  • Grinding Sounds: When you hear any type of grinding noise in your car, it’s almost always metal on metal grinding against each other. This is another issue with the oil filter being clogged; when the oil filter is clogged it can’t produce oil to lubricate the engine, which causes the metal on metal to grind against one another.
  • A Drop in the Oil Pressure Gauge: The great thing about cars now is that we are able to monitor our oil on an oil pressure gauge. If you have noticed that there has been a dramatic drop in the reading of your oil pressure gauge, something must be wrong with the filter.
  • Exhaust Is Dirty: Have you noticed that the exhaust coming from your car is dirty or black? Have you been smelling burning oil? These are great reasons to take your BMW in. The issue is with the filter or there is a clog in the oil system.

The best way to ensure your car is in the best shape is to get regular tune-ups. At Bimmer Repair we can provide oil changes in Dallas, TX by using Valvoline SynPower SAE 5W-30 for your BMW. Give us a call at 469-904-0734 to make an appointment.