Leaking Fluid: What it Could Mean For Your Car

Radiator Fluid

Keeping Your Car’s Fluids in Balance Ensures Proper Functionality and Safety.

Fluid leaks don’t always spell doom for your car. For instance, many cars drip clear condensation from their tail pipes that’s just a part of your car’s normal function. However, colored leaking fluid should be taken seriously and addressed as soon as possible. Here is a short guide on identifying potential problems indicated by a leak. 

Leak #1: Automatic Transmission Fluid

This liquid helps your automatic shifting vehicle transition between gears as you speed up and decelerate. A leak from your transmission will typically appear red or pink, and should be addressed quickly. Red or pink fluid can alternatively come from your power steering, so it’s best to let a mechanic perform the inspection.

Leak #2: Radiator Fluid

Radiators are a common source of leaking, so you shouldn’t be too surprised if you spot antifreeze leaking from your car. Antifreeze (a coolant) will generally be green, but on occasion it can be orange or pink. Low coolant levels can cause engine overheating and reduced power levels. Left alone for too long, a coolant leak can even lead to total engine shutdown.

Leak #3: Motor Oil

Oil leaks are one of the most common car health problems. As oil ages, it will transition from light brown to dark brown and finally black. Oil leaks can originate in several parts of your car, and while the issue may be common, it’s still important to have your car checked when you spot a leak.

Leak #4: Brake Fluid

Yellow brake fluid powers your car’s braking system and protects you when you need to come to quick stop. The fluid will feel a little oily and be of a medium thickness. If you think you might have a brake fluid leak, get your car to the mechanic as soon as possible (even if you have to have it towed).

Unless you’re a certified professional, it’s wise to let a professional handle any of these problems. If you’ve spotted leaking fluid in or under your car, you can talk with our team at 469-471-6433. You can also schedule your regular car checkup!