How long should a BMW engine last?

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Are BMW engines reliable?

When you can afford a BMW, you know you have made it! There is something about this sleek German made vehicle that says luxury, style, and success. They are well-built cars that can last for years and years, with proper care and maintenance. Not that BMW problems don’t exist though. Rarely, if ever, has there ever any BMW issues recall, and if there has been, it was something simple like BMW lock issues.

That depends on who you ask probably, because unfortunately, other German made cars of less superiority have given all German-made cards, including BMWs, a poor reputation in reliability. BMW is a solid made car, and the few BMW problems that are talked about are usually because of lack in taking care of them as they should be. 

Do BMW have a lot of problems?

If you own A BMW, you need to know upfront that it requires a commitment of taking care of it to avoid those few BMW problems that rumors have exaggerated.  Rumors about such BMW oil issues is typically because the owner hasn’t had the oil changed on time with the correct oil. Never should you use a different brand of oil than recommended by the manufacturer, and certainly not an off brand!  With proper oil changes, A BMW can last its owner a lifetime. 

Another rumor of BMW problems is the amount of BMW coolant issues, and just like the oil, if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, it won’t be an issue. The BMW engine, no matter which model you purchase, has to be taken care of as recommended by the manufacturer. Most of all, BMW quality problems is the owner’s lack of respect for those recommendations. 

Not that there aren’t any BMW problems though. While it is a well-built, high-quality car, like anything, it can have faults and issues.  As a consumer, it is essential that you are careful when making an expensive purchase like a BMW, so knowing upfront what potential problems may arise before you make that commitment, is important. Here, we have listed the top five common BMW problems that you may face. 

  • Electronics: Malfunction with the electronic system has been reported, like the windshield wipers can’t be regulated. This is usually an easy fix when taken to an authorized BMW service shop. Never should a BMW be taken to a generic mechanic for any issues.
  • Windows: This is only with the E46 model, not a widespread of BMW problems across the board. The regulator clips can break, causing the windows to be slow in operation, or immobile. An authorized BMW service shop can replace easily the regulator clips and the windows are back in perfect operating condition.
  • Locks: Some BMW owners have reported problems with the remote unlock feature. Again, an authorized BMW service shop can address and repair this problem. Many times, we have discovered it it was the batteries in the remote that needed replacing and not one of the many rumored BMW problems.
  • Engine: Sometimes, like any vehicle, American, German, Korean, or otherwise, BMW problems occur with the clutch, ignition modules, and injectors. This is usually resolved by replacing the parts which part of normal wear and tear.  An authorized BMW service technician can advise the owner of these items by reaching their end-of-life expectancy and replace them before leaving the owner stranded.
  • Wheels: A BMW will come with alloy wheels. Like any car with alloy wheels, when driven on a flat for any distance, the wheels can crack and puncture the tire. This is not any exclusive BMW problems, but a fact of having alloy wheels on any car, American made, German made, or any other vehicle.
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Are BMW hard to repair?

As with any make of car, when something is broken on it, a DIY car owner may quandary whether to attempt to repair it themselves or take to an authorized service shop. On one hand, it may be cheaper to do it yourself. On the other hand, if you do it wrong, you could make it worse, or cause another issue.  With a BMW, problems that rarely happen with these beautiful machines is well worth spending that extra cash and have the following things repaired by an expert:

  1. The Body:  Even the most refined and talented artist shouldn’t attempt to fix any BMW problems with the body. BMW cars have a special finish when they leave the factory and if you want your BMW to look like the expensive machine it is, let an authorized BMW professional to the bodywork.  
  2. The Windshield: This isn’t just only BMW problems, but cars in general, the windshield is a sizable piece of glass. When it needs to be replaced, if not installed properly, it can’t seal correctly, and it jeopardizes the protection it should provide. Avoid leaks and safety issues, let an authorized BMW service shop replace any of the glass on your BMW.
  3. The Transmission: Again, on any car, if you know nothing about transmissions, you should take your BMW to an authorized service shop the rare times that you have any BMW problems with the transmission. This is an enormous part of why your BMW drives so graceful and smooth. The complexity of 8 speed automatic tranny’s gearbox takes a special training to make repairs right.
  4. The Suspension: So, replacing any of the components of the suspension is straight forward with many cars, like exchanging the tires or wheels. However, a BMW is different when it comes to the suspension part. One thing that we know BMW for is its handling and that BMW suspension is a complex matter.  If adjustments, repairs, and replacements aren’t done right, you take the risk of your BMW never handling the same again, which some consider one of the BMW problems that is annoying for the DIY owner. It is well worth the expense of taking your BMW to an authorized service shop for any suspension work it may need.
  5. The Timing Belt: The timing belt on any car is the cog that keeps everything running smoothly.  On a BMW, they design the timing belt to give you between 60,000 miles to 70,000 miles, which isn’t one of the BMW problems exclusively, many cars the timing belt doesn’t last any longer. At the 60,000 mile mark, your authorized BMW service technician can examine the belt and advise you if it is time to replace it or an ETA when you should bring it in.

Is it worth buying a BMW? Yes, the sticker price can be the stop for many car shoppers. They are well built to be a prime quality car, and that makes them expensive. A BMW isn’t a car you buy today with the thought it will be in the junkyard 10 years from now. They are built to be a lifetime car.A BMW offers many features and qualities that other brands can’t or don’t. Their level of luxury, their overall performance, and combined with a top quality of reliability makes them worth every dollar they cost. Call 469-904-0734 today for your bimmer repair needs.