Fun Facts About BMW

We all love our BMWs, but how much of a bimmer fan are you really? Check out these fun facts about BMWs and see if you could win at trivia.

What Does BMW Stand For?

BMWMost people know that BMW is a German automobile company, but more specifically, it is based in the city of Munich, in the state of Bavaria. BMW actually stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, which translates in English to Bavarian Motor Works.

More Than Just Cars

Bayerische Motoren Werke was formed after a small airplane engine manufacturing company, Rapp Motorenwerke, restructured. The company actually had its beginnings in airplane engines around the beginning of World War I. However, after the war, the company was not allowed to produce airplane engines because of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. The company then started working on motorcycles, and finally automobiles.

To this day, the company still produces motorcycles under its BMW Motorrad label. The company also continues to produce new old parts in an original BMW building through the BMW classic program. So if you want to build a classic bimmer by ordering the parts, you can get to work on a pretty cool project.

The Origin Of The Logo

Many believe that the BMW logo came from a spinning airplane propeller. However, the roundel is actually a tribute to the original Rapp Motorworks company. The blue and white are inspired by the flag of Bavaria, home to BMW’s world headquarters.

So, are you a true fan? Don’t worry; we won’t judge you if you didn’t know some of these facts! Try them out on your fellow bimmer lovers or at the next trivia night. If you need reliable BMW repair and services in Dallas, TX, come by Bimmer Repair today. We only repair the ultimate driving machine, so you can rest easy knowing your baby is in good hands. Call us at 469-471-6433 to book an appointment.