Ensure High Performance: Changing Out Old Tires

Don’t let your driving experience be held back by worn out tires. Changing out your tattered tires not only ensures that your car achieves its maximum driving ability, it also keeps you and your family safe. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time for changing out old tires, here are a few tricks to help you decide.

Man Checking Tire

Ensure Your Tires are Safe to Drive on. Use these 3 Tire Tests.

The Classic Penny Test

You’ve probably heard of this one because the penny trick is a tried and true method of spotting bare treads. Take a standard penny and insert it into the thread of each of your tires. Is Abraham Lincoln’s head partly or completely hidden away? If you answered “yes”, that tire’s tread is perfectly fine. If Lincoln’s head doesn’t disappear at all, it’s time to change out your tire.

Sidewall Exam

When examining your tires, your tread is just one of the parts you need to inspect. Take a look at the sidewall of each of your tires. Smooth sidewalls indicate healthy tires. Watch out for any blisters or lumps, however, as these indicate a blowout risk. If you see these spot either of these signs, make sure you talk to your dealer about getting the tire replaced.

Bar Test

Your tire manufacturer is constantly looking for ways to keep your vehicle safe. Some manufacturers include special indicators on your tires to tell you when to replace them. When you next examine your tread, look for bars appearing perpendicular to your tire tried. These start to appear as your tread becomes worn. If you see many of these bars, start looking for a tire replacement.

Use these tests to ensure your car is operating to its maximum potential. For more questions about changing out old tires, talk to us at Bimmer Repair. Call 469-471-6433.