Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

V8, dual intake exhaust, aluminium manifold covers, valve cover gasketWhen you pop your hood open, does it seem like there is oil all over the top of the engine? You could have a leak in your valve cover. If you’ve got a valve cover leak, there’s no need to worry. We provide BMW valve cover gasket replacement in Dallas, TX. Call our crew today at (469) 471-6433 to learn more about BMW service in maintenance near you. We’re your BMW repair specialist. When you choose a company like Bimmer Repair, you can trust that we’ll treat your baby just like it was our very own. Our family owned and operated company only repairs the ultimate driving machine. We specialize in late model BMW, and our skilled technicians are trained just like the guys at the dealership, only they won’t hit you with an expensive markup.

Is My Valve Cover Leaking?

It can be tough sometimes to tell if your valve cover is leaking. Luckily the skilled technicians at Bimmer Repair are experts at oil leak detection and service. Does it seem like you are going through more oil than you should be? You may have a leaking valve cover gasket. If you see oil near the top of your engine when you pop the hood then it is most likely a dried out valve cover gasket. This is a fairly common issue on late model BMWs. Give us a call today and we’ll have you back out and hugging those s-curves in no time.

We Only Repair the Ultimate Driving Machine

When it comes time to choose a mechanic for your baby, you need a shop you can rely on to get the job done right the first time. Here at Bimmer Repair, you can count on our expert mechanics to take excellent care of you and your car. We also accept extended warranties. Need repair? Give our team a call today at (469) 471-6433 to learn more about BMW valve cover gasket replacement in Dallas, TX. We’re passionate about one thing, and that’s working on the world’s best driving machine — which everyone knows is a BMW, of course.