Oil Filter Housing Gasket

oiled engine, oil filter housing gasketHave recently started to notice a leak around your oil filter? Every vehicle has its tricky areas and for BMW’s a common problem is the oil filter housing gasket. When you’re looking for oil filter housing gasket replacement in Dallas, TX, choose Bimmer Repair. Our trained automotive mechanics only repair the ultimate driving machine. Give us a call today at (469) 471-6433 to speak with one of our highly skilled technicians about getting you back on the road, fast. We’re a family owned and operated company who specializes in late model Bimmer repair. You can trust our experts to take care of your car and provide you the very best in customer service.

Why Is an Oil Filter Housing Gasket Important?

Your oil is responsible for keeping all those moving parts of the engine lubricated. This oil has to be filtered before entering the engine, or the engine would fill up with all sorts of gunk. This means that at some point all of your oil will cycle through the filter. Your oil filter housing gasket is responsible for ensuring that the oil that goes through the filter stays inside of the system. Although your leak may be small at first, it can worsen over time, bleeding your system dry to the point of engine failure. A new engine is very expensive, so this is a risk you can’t really take. Give us a call today if you need oil filter housing gasket replacement in Dallas, TX.

We’re Passionate about BMWs

When you’re looking for a shop to fix your baby, you want someone who’s just as passionate about BMW’s as you are. We’ve dedicated our entire lives to servicing and repairing the ultimate driving machine. Our family-owned and operated company can fix any sort of issue you’re having with your Bimmer. If it’s your oil filter housing gasket that’s giving you trouble then give us a call at (469) 471-6433.

Some drivers think they should only get repairs and maintenance at their dealership, but our automotive techs are trained just like the guys at the dealership, and we’re more affordable. We’ll make sure to get you back on those curvy back roads in no time. We even accept extended warranties like your dealership. So when you’re looking for BMW oil filter housing gasket replacement in Dallas, TX, make Bimmer Repair your first choice.