Burn Out: When You Don’t Get That Oil Change

Pouring in New Oil

Getting an Oil Change Protects Your Engine and Ensures Better Performance.

Oil is the lubricant that keeps your engine running smoothly. Without oil, your engine couldn’t function for long, yet many car owners fail to have their oil replaced in timely manner. Here are three of the serious consequences you might experience if you don’t get that oil change in time.

Phase #1: Lowered Efficiency

When your car is designed for maximum driving capability, it’s a sad twist of fate when it begins to feel sluggish. That’s what happens when your vehicle goes too long without an oil change. As oil circulates throughout your engine, it absorbs dirt and other particles to protect your performance. Oil eventually draws in too much sludge too be effective, which leads to our second phase.

Phase #2: Overheating & Power Loss

Left alone for an extended time, dirty oil will no longer be able to draw heat away from your engine. Your vehicle will slowly start to overheat, until your engine reaches a temperature threshold where it can’t continue to operate. You might experience sudden partial or complete power loss. If car owners still continue to ignore these warning signs, the third phase of consequences is inevitable.

Phase #3: Warping & Complete Engine Failure

Without good oil, engine parts start to warp from the excess heat. This leads to further inefficiencies in your car’s driving performance, until parts simply start to fail. Complete engine failure is the ultimate result, and many car owners are forced to replace their engine or sell their vehicle.

Getting an oil change only takes about 15 minutes, but superior performance and safety for your vehicle is worth the trip to your service provider. For more information about your engine or oil changes, you can talk with one of our technicians at Bimmer Repair. Give us a call at 469-471-6433.