BMW Air Conditioning Repair

It’s not secret that Texas can get pretty hot. There aren’t many places where you can literally bake a sheet of chocolate chip cookies on your dash. The last thing you want is to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on I-75 with one of those 103° F days in the middle of July with no A/C. If your car is starting to feel a bit like a toaster oven, call the professional auto technicians of Bimmer Repair today at (469) 471-6433. When you’re looking for BMW air conditioning repair in Dallas, Texas, you need someone who knows Bimmers inside and out. At Bimmer Repair, we only do air conditioning repair for the ultimate driving machine.

What’s Wrong with My A/C?

BMW air conditioner, BMW Air conditioning repairThere are any number of things that could happen with your air conditioning system. Sometimes it’s a simple fix like adding more freon, but there are those times when you’ll need something a little more complicated worked on like a compressor. Not sure what’s wrong with your car’s A/C? The pros at Bimmer have made a little list help you the consumer pinpoint what exactly is wrong with your air conditioner.

  • Blower- Do you feel cold air and the compressor seems to be working but it’s just not coming out like it should? Your blower is responsible for exactly what it sounds like. It blows the cold air out of the system, filling your car with icy cold goodness.
  • Compressor- Your compressor is vital to providing you with that frigid air during those hot summer months. Do you hear a loud squeal every time you turn your air conditioner on? If so your compressor clutch could be wearing out. Luckily the specialist at Bimmer Repair are pros at fixing all types of BMW compressors and compressor clutches.
  • Freon- Is your A/C blowing but nearly as cold as it once was? If everything seems to be working fine but the air never gets cold. you could be dealing with a lack of freon in the system. Give the experts at Bimmer Repair a call today, and we’ll charge that baby up in no time at all. 

When you’re looking for a shop that knows BMW air conditioning repair in Dallas, Texas like no one else, you’re looking for the master technicians at Bimmer Repair. Give us a call today at (469) 471-6433 to speak with one of our master mechanics about your A/C system today.