BMW Transmission Repair

Red Interior and Shifting Panel on a BMW

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There is nothing quite as thrilling as pressing your foot down on the accelerator while powering through those curvy back country roads. When you hear that transmission cycling through all of the gears, it’s an invigorating experience. Nothing comes close to the mechanical perfection of a BMW, but sometimes repair needs will occur. If you need BMW transmission repair in Dallas, TX, call the master technicians of Bimmer Repair today at 469-608-5410.

Our team will work hard to get you back on the road before you know it. When you choose Bimmer Repair, you choose some of the best trained mechanics in the DFW Metroplex. We specialize in repairs and service for the ultimate driving machine! This means that, no matter what comes up with your car, you can relax in the knowledge that we’ve seen it before and know just what to do.

Types of Transmissions

Are you a bit of a novice when it comes to transmissions? No need to worry, here at Bimmer Repair, we can handle all the intricacies of a finely performed BMW transmission repair. BMWs come with different kinds of transmissions, each of which have their own needs.

Automatic: For some, a manual transmission is just too much work. These drivers want the exhilaration of the world’s ultimate driving machine, but don’t want to worry about killing the car if they ever let off the clutch too quickly. An automatic transmission allows any driver to get behind the wheel and go. Give us a call when you’re searching for the attention to detail that only an experienced BMW technician can give you.

Manual:  Many drivers prefer the raw feeling of a manual transmission. When you see that formula 1 driver pressing in the clutch and downshifting, he’s using a manual transmission. Although manual transmissions are a little easier to work on compared with other types, they should only be approached by a skilled technician. When you’re looking for an expert who’s only passion is BMWs, call the pros of Bimmer Repair today!

Semi-Automatic: A semi-automatic or paddle shifter gives you all the joy of cycling through the gears, but without the hassle of dealing with the clutch. For many BMW enthusiasts, this is the ultimate choice for their vehicle. Give the experts at Bimmer Repair a call today if you’re looking for a company that will give your BMW the precision service and repair it deserves.

Your Local Source for BMW Transmission Repair

When you’re looking for exceptional attention to detail and the ultimate care for your beloved BMW, call the experienced technicians at Bimmer Repair today at 469-608-5410. We can take care of any type of BMW transmission repair in Dallas, TX!