transmission rebuilds

The transmission consists of many intricate parts that work together to transfer power from your engine.

The ultimate driving machine deserves transmission service from the best in the business. At Bimmer Repair, our highly skilled, expert mechanics can perform complete transmission rebuilds. We specialize in late-model BMWs from 1996 onward, and understand all the intricacies of what makes these beauties hum.

Your transmission acts as the heart of the car. If you’ve begun to notice symptoms of trouble, then don’t hesitate: bring your vehicle in today for transmission service. Our team has all the necessary expertise to completely rebuild your high-end German transmission. For a mechanism this complicated, don’t trust it to anyone else. Bring your BMW to Bimmer Repair for transmission rebuilds in Dallas, TX. Call us today at (469) 471-6433 for more information.

The Benefits of a Transmission Rebuild

transmission rebuilds

Our expert BMW mechanics know how to rebuild your transmission to the height of perfection.

Eventually, even transmissions as well-built and reliable as those in BMWs need profound service. With a transmission rebuild, our unparalleled team takes your transmission completely apart. We then look for and replace any parts that no longer provide optimal functionality. The end result is a BMW that runs as good as new, ready for more years of your driving pleasure.

Signs that you need a transmission rebuild include:

  • Strange Smells: Your transmission fluid performs an indispensable function for your car. It lubricates the many intricate parts of the transmission and ensures proper function. The sweet, tart smell of transmission fluid can indicate a problem. If you find it under your car, you have a transmission leak. If you detect a burning smell, then your overheating transmission has begun to burn fluid. In either case, you should bring in your BMW for service.
  • Warning Light Activation: Your BMW has a host of sensors that detect irregularities in your vehicle’s operation. For the transmission, the sensors can detect subtle vibrations and other problems. You also have an indicator that shows your transmission fluid has become too hot. If you respond quickly to these lights, you can get your transmission repaired before even bigger problems arise.
  • Odd Sounds: Any unusual sounds can indicate serious problems with your transmission. For a manual transmission, you’ll want to watch out for a grinding noise when you shift gears. For automatic transmissions, the car may shimmy into gear and emit a whining or buzzing sound.
  • Movement Delays: Any delay in movement when you shift gears indicates a serious problem. If you shift gears and hear the engine rev, but don’t speed up, then you likely need to get your transmission rebuilt. These kinds of issues can become safety concerns, so don’t delay should you notice them.

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At Bimmer Repair, we are the experts for BMW transmission rebuilds in Dallas, TX. We have such faith in our work, we offer a two-year unlimited mile, or three-year 36,000 mile warranty on our transmission services. For more information or to schedule service, give us a call at (469) 471-6433 today.