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The Importance of Your BMW Filters

There is a lot that goes into making your BMW the ultimate driving machine. Things that often get overlooked include your car’s filters. However, it is vital to the performance of your vehicle that its assorted filters receive periodic replacement. The techs at Bimmer Repair are experts when it comes to BMW maintenance and repairs. When you call our experienced mechanical technicians at 469-608-5410, you can trust that your dream car will enjoy ideal care.

We only work on the ultimate driving machine, and have all the experience, equipment, and training you’ll find at the dealership. Unlike the dealership, we pride ourselves on affordable services, and never take advantage of our customers. When you’re looking for a BMW filter change in Dallas, TX, look no further than the experienced team at Bimmer Repair.

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Our Filter Change Services

How many filters can you think of when you consider your BMW? You’d probably be surprised by the sheer number that exist. When you decide to go with a company like Bimmer Repair for a BMW filter change, you can sleep easier at night knowing that we’ve got your car covered from bumper to bumper.

Air Filter: Your air filter is crucial to your car’s performance. Your engine uses a combination of air and fuel to create the powerful combustion that drives your vehicle. Without adequate air filtration, your engine sucks up all sorts of gunk that will eventually lead to the demise of your vehicle.

Cabin Air Filter: Air quality is a big issue nowadays, and with a city as big as Dallas, it matters more than usual. The cabin air filter keeps all those harmful particles and smog out of your car and out of your body.

Fuel Filter: In the same way your air filter keeps garbage out of your engine, the fuel filter does the same thing for the gas lines. Over time, your gas tank can accumulate nasty sludge in the bottom. This sludge can clog your filter, essentially cutting off the source of fuel. Even worse, it can fail and cause this sludge to be sucked up into the engine.

Oil Filter: Your oil is what keeps all those moving parts of your engine moving. Without an adequate filter, your oil can quickly thicken to cause your engine to struggle, and even seize up if left untreated for too long.

PCV Valve and Filter: The PCV or positive crankcase ventilation valve and filter help to remove excess moisture from the inside of your engine. This often overlooked filter is of vital importance to the performance of your BMW.

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When you need a BMW specialist in DFW who knows your car inside and out, call the professionals at Bimmer Repair at 469-608-5410. We can provide for a comprehensive BMW filter change in Dallas, TX, along with any number of other recommended or necessary maintenance services. To keep your Bimmer running great for as long as possible, trust our team.