BMW Maintenance

BMW 4 door coup, Blue Bimmer, Beamer, BMW sedan, bmw maintenanceYour BMW is a remarkable piece of engineering with all of its finely tuned mechanical parts and electrical components in a constant ballet with each other. When BMW builds a car they build it to last. This marvelous piece of machinery is the peak of modern day technology. However, even your beloved BMW needs regular maintenance like other vehicles to keep it running smooth. When you’re looking for BMW maintenance in Dallas, Texas you need a company that you know you can rely on. The skilled technicians at Bimmer Repair are experts when it comes to all things BMW. Our factory trained mechanics know your BMW, its strengths, and its weaknesses. So when you’re looking for a shop that you can trust to treat your baby just like you would make us your first choice. At Bimmer, we only work on the ultimate driving machine. We are a family-owned and operated business that is passionate about all things BMW. Give us a call today at (469) 471-6433 to experience the Bimmer Repair difference.

Our BMW Maintenance Services:

  • Filter Changes– The filters in your car are responsible for keeping everything in clean working condition. Left untreated for too long they could lead to the death of your beautiful beast of a car. Get in touch with us soon to learn how we can help you with all of your filter changes.
  • Fluid Flushes– You would be surprised at just how many different fluids need regular attention in your vehicle. From the oil to your brake fluid the experts at Bimmer Repair will make sure your car is running at its peak performance level. Give us a call today if you’re interested in BMW fluid flushes in Dallas, TX.
  • Oil Changes– Your oil is arguably one of the most important aspects of your vehicle. It’s responsible for making sure all of those moving parts in your engine stay moving like they should. When you’re looking for an automotive technician that knows exactly what to do with your ultimate driving machine, make Bimmer Repair your first choice. Call us today to experience the difference having a mechanic that has devoted their entire life to providing the absolute best in BMW services.
  • Transmission Services– The transmission is what lets you roar past those lesser cars when you’re flying down the highway. It often goes overlooked when compared with other things like your engine, but this doesn’t mean that it is any less crucial to the overall well-being of your vehicle. Our highly skilled technicians will do a complete flush of your transmission fluid as well as replace your filter when you call them. 

We Accept Extended Warranties

At Bimmer Repair, we offer all of the same services that you will get at the expensive dealership, but unlike the dealership we’re not going to charge you an unreasonable amount for a simple job. We also accept extended warranties just like the BMW dealership, so you don’t have to worry. When you’re looking for BMW maintenance in Dallas, TX, choose the best at Bimmer Repair. As we always have, we only work on and repair the ultimate driving machine. Give us a call today at (469) 471-6433 for all your BMW maintenance needs.