BMW Airbag Recalls

Vehicles all over the world from over a dozen auto makers, including BMW, are being recalled to replace faulty and highly dangerous airbag inflaters that explode when airbags are deployed in the event of an accident.

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Takata Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vehicle safety equipment, is now facing criminal fines of over $1 billion and potential bankruptcy due to their faulty airbag inflaters. Several executives of the company are facing criminal charges for withholding and manipulating data sent to auto makers, in some cases omitting that airbags had exploded during initial testing.

BMW is recalling over 230,000 vehicles in response to the faulty airbags as a precaution. The original air bags installed in BMW vehicles do not include the Takata made airbag inflater, but it may have been installed as a replacement. Is your BMW affected? These are some of the vehicles being recalled by BMW:

  • BMW 3-series models between 2000-2002
  • BMW 5-series models between 2001-2002
  • BMW SUV models between 2001-2003

To find out if your vehicle has been recalled, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to get information on current safety recalls. You can look up information on your specific vehicle by VIN to find out if your car requires repairs. Over 13 million airbags have been replaced already. Stay safe and make sure you get your vehicle in for repairs quickly if it’s on the recall list.

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