BMW Perks You Probably Didn’t Know About

BMW Owner PerksWe all know the usual reasons for buying a BMW- they have beautiful lines, great built-in luxuries, and efficient gas mileage; not to mention the prestige from simply owning one. But there are advantages to purchasing one that typically, only owners and dealers know about. Here, we unveil the secret perks of owning a BMW.

Access and Upgrades to Exclusive Events

As an owner, you are automatically invited to events like the BMW sponsored PGA tournament and M Track Days where you can drive your car on a race track, among other events and attractions. While you’re there, receive complimentary upgrades that are only available to BMW owners.

Upgrades to Many Top Hotels and Spas

When you own a BMW, luxury is a household word. Similarly, luxury can now be a getaway word with free upgrades and amenities offers from the country’s finest hotels and spas like Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley and Nantucket Island Resorts in Maine.

World Class Shopping Discounts and Events

Not only do you receive hotel and accommodation upgrades, but also shopping discounts and event invites for some of the finest brands in the world when you buy a BMW. Get your very own rewards from brands like Rhone, Sweaty Betty, and Dean and DeLuca, just to name a few.

Aside from the well-known car detail and oil change deals that BMW owners receive, they get more than a few perks from the exclusive club members partnerships. This is just one more reason to add to the list of many reasons to buy a BMW besides the great running ability and long lifespan. For more information on the benefits of being a BMW owner, call Bimmer Repair, the BMW specialists.

Reasons to Change Your Air Filter

Air Filter

A Clogged Air Filter Can Cause Serious Engine Damage

Consistently changing your air filter keeps your BMW in optimal driving condition. There are many reasons to change your filter, and many benefits that come as a result of completing the task. If your obstacle is finding a shop that specializes in bimmer repair, you have come to the right place. We offer BMW filter changes in Dallas, TX. Here are the primary reasons to change your air filter:


The great part about replacing your clogged air filter is its affordability. Imagine improving your gas mileage, and the performance of your BMW for a relatively small price. A small fix like this can have positive repercussions for every aspect of your bimmer. Engine health, driving performance, lifespan, etc. — can all be affected by air filter changes.

Emission Reduction

Engine air flow is sometimes blocked by defective air filters. This is very problematic for BMW vehicles as it can effectively kill the engine. And before it does so, it will significantly affect gas mileage as well as the performance of your car. If you notice any signs of poor performance, contact us for immediate assistance.

Fuel Efficiency

Get better gas mileage by replacing your clogged filter. Not only will you up the fuel mileage, but you can even increase the acceleration capability of your vehicle. This is doubly advantageous because it can save you money on gas while you enhance the performance of your vehicle. Call 469-471-6433 for BMW filter changes in Dallas, TX.

Why It’s Important To Get Your BMW’s Oil Changed

Why It's Important To Get Your BMW's Oil Changed

These Are Reasons Why It’s Important To Get Your BMW’s Oil Changed.

We always want our BMW’s to perform at the highest capacity, but that cannot be achieved when we don’t change the car oil regularly. 5,000 miles is usually around the time car owners have their oil changed, but more and more people are waiting until their cars are in bad shape. So what exactly happens to a car when the oil isn’t changed? Below is why it’s important to get your BMW’s oil changed.

Proper Lubrication

Oil is needed to keep parts of our engine well lubricated. Without a well-lubricated engine or engine parts, you can bet that your BMW will gain more wear and tear than it would if the oil had been changed more often.

Better Gas Mileage

One of the most important things to us as car owners is gas mileage. We might have really great gas mileage in out BMW, but once we stop changing our oil, it can really negatively affect the gas mileage.

Reduce Exhaust Emissions

Having your oil changed will ensure that you always have clean oil in your BMW. Old oil can cause more exhaust emissions, which pollute our air, this is why it’s important to get your BMW’s oil changed.

Increase Longevity

When you want your car to drive for a long time and stay in perfect condition, it is crucial to get the oil changed as often as your BMW needs it.

When you need a BMW oil change in Dallas, TX, turn to the experts at Bimmer Repair by calling 469-471-6433 today.


Prep for a BMW Road Trip

BMW road trip

You never know where the road will take you in your BMW.

Nothing beats hitting the highway for a summertime BMW road trip. The road belongs to you, the weather couldn’t get better, and you have the  luxury of extended time in your automobile. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, get prepped with these three items for your next BMW road trip.

Change Your Oil

Before you get out on the highway, you’ll want to get your oil changed. This becomes especially important if you plan to exceed 3,000 miles on the trip itself. For quality service you can trust, only take your BMW to a certified repair shop or dealer. You should also check your coolant levels and fluids. You never know what might happen on the road, but a well-prepared BMW will see you through any circumstance.

Make a Car Kit

In case the unthinkable happens, you’ll want to get prepared. A car kit will see you in good stead should you find yourself stranded on the highway. You should include a cell-phone charger and a flashlight, first and foremost. A first-aid kit might also become a necessity, as could road flares. Always carry a jug of water and some light snacks, and a deck of cards and book can help pass the time until help arrives.

Schedule Service

You never know what can go wrong out on the highway. Scheduled service can help determine whether any lingering issues may rear their head, and give you the peace of mind to really hit the road. For service and maintenance in Dallas, TX, trust Bimmer Repair at 469-471-6433. All of our services come with a 24-month unlimited mileage warranty, so you’re safe to travel wherever the road takes you.

3 Tips To Keep Your BMW In Top Condition

3 tips to keep your bmw in top condition

When you buy a luxury vehicle, you are buying into the experience of a lifetime. However, with great luxury comes great responsibility. If you plan on keeping your BMW in top condition, it is essential that you perform regular maintenance on it. Here at Bimmer Repair, we specialize in late model BMWs, so we took some time to lay out 3 easy tips to help keep your BMW running smoothly. If you’ve fallen behind on your maintenance schedule, or would like to hand it over to the professionals to clean up, call the experts at Bimmer Repair in Dallas, TX today at (469) 471-6433.

Regular Oil Changes

Every car owner knows they need to change their oil regularly. The number of miles between changes seems to vary from make, model, and driving styles, but to be safe, we recommend that you change the oil in your BMW every 3000 miles. Maybe more if you tend to drive short distances instead of long distances per trip. Left unchanged, your oil will become thick and sluggish, which puts extreme amounts of strain on your car and engine.

Tire Rotations and Maintenance

Occasionally check your tire pressure to ensure that your tires are filled to the recommended amount. Proper air pressure is a great way to extend the life of your tires, and ensure you are getting he optimal fuel mileage. Additionally, keep an eye on the tread of your tires, and other signs of wear. An old tire can be a huge risk to your safety when you are driving, and can even cause accidents. Invest in quality tires, and don’t allow your tires to get too worn before you change them.

Regularly Check Your Fluids

For the best preventative maintenance, regularly check your fluid levels. This task is easy, and a great way to keep your car running smoothly for years to come. Are you in need of a fluid flush? We can help with that!

If you need help with maintaining or repairing your BMW in Dallas, TX, call the professionals at Bimmer Repair at (469) 471-6433! We specialize in BMWs and all of our technicians are factory trained. Get the dealership treatment without the dealership markup! Call today!

4 Reasons Why Car Service Is Important For Your BMW

To keep our BMWs driving at an optimal level, it is important to get regular car service. However, car servicing can fall at the waist side, letting the condition of your BMW slip. In order to keep your BMW in the best condition possible, it is important to get annual car service, or car service whenever your BMW has a problem. Here are four reasons why car service is important for your BMW.

4 Reasons Why Car Service Is Important For Your BMW

Regular Car Service Can Prevent Accidents and Keep Your BMW in Good Condition.

Avoid Accidents

Because car maintenance isn’t a high priority, it can cause accidents that could have been prevented with yearly maintenance. You can have accidents because of worn car brakes or bald tires, to name a few, but with regular car service, avoidable accidents can be prevented.

Fuel Efficient

Engines that aren’t well maintained can lead to polluting. With an engine that has been well tuned, you will reduce emissions and do a lot less polluting.

Car Performance

When your car doesn’t have annual maintenance, it can really affect the way the car drives and functions. Engines can be affected, tires can become worn, even your headlights can be damaged. To ensure your car performs the way that is it supposed to, getting regular service can really save your car.

Re-sale Value

If you are ever interested in selling your BMW, it is important to perform regular service. By avoiding car maintenance, you are decreasing the value of the BMW as well as adding to wear and tear.

Are you looking for BMW services in Dallas, TX? Call Bimmer Repair today at 469-471-6433.

3 Reasons Your BMW’s Air Conditioner Is Not Working

Our BMW’s air conditioner is essential to keeping our car comfortable and cool. With the summer months approaching, it is important to have your air conditioner in good condition. If you’ve been having trouble with your car’s air conditioner lately, there are a few reasons it could not be working properly. Here are four reasons your BMW’s air conditioner is not working.

3 Reasons Your BMW's Air Conditioner Is Not Working

A/C Leak

One of the most common reasons your BMW’s air conditioner isn’t working is because of an A/C leak. The fluid that is used to cool your car, freon, could be leaking out of your car, or there might be a bigger leak in the A/C system. Because Freon evaporates when it touches air, it can be hard to determine if it’s a leak. A professional mechanic can identify A/C leaks with the proper equipment.

The Air Conditioner Fan Isn’t Working

The fan on your A/C condenser could be broken. If the fan completely breaks, it will be easy to tell right away because you are unable to circulate air in your car. It is a quick and easy fix for mechanics, so don’t suffer without air conditioning by bringing it in for a quick serving.

The Compressor Stopped Working

There are a number of reasons why your compressor stopped working. The clutch on the compressor is stuck, there’s an electrical issue, or you don’t have enough Freon in your car. You don’t want your BMW’s air conditioner to constantly run or not work at all, so take your car in for further inspection.

For BMW services in Dallas, TX call the experts at Bimmer Repair today at 469-471-6433.

BMW Airbag Recalls

Vehicles all over the world from over a dozen auto makers, including BMW, are being recalled to replace faulty and highly dangerous airbag inflaters that explode when airbags are deployed in the event of an accident.

BMW Logo

Takata Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vehicle safety equipment, is now facing criminal fines of over $1 billion and potential bankruptcy due to their faulty airbag inflaters. Several executives of the company are facing criminal charges for withholding and manipulating data sent to auto makers, in some cases omitting that airbags had exploded during initial testing.

BMW is recalling over 230,000 vehicles in response to the faulty airbags as a precaution. The original air bags installed in BMW vehicles do not include the Takata made airbag inflater, but it may have been installed as a replacement. Is your BMW affected? These are some of the vehicles being recalled by BMW:

  • BMW 3-series models between 2000-2002
  • BMW 5-series models between 2001-2002
  • BMW SUV models between 2001-2003

To find out if your vehicle has been recalled, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to get information on current safety recalls. You can look up information on your specific vehicle by VIN to find out if your car requires repairs. Over 13 million airbags have been replaced already. Stay safe and make sure you get your vehicle in for repairs quickly if it’s on the recall list.

Keeping your car running smoothly and safely is important. If you need BMW maintenance or repairs in the Dallas, TX area, come by Bimmer Repair today. 469-471-6433. We’ll make sure your vehicle is in top shape.

4 Signs Your BMW Needs Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is essential to maintaining a pristine vehicle. Unfortunately, vehicle maintenance can also be inconvenient at times. Between work, social activities, and life in general, it can be hard to find an appropriate time. However, avoiding servicing your car can lead to damage and avoidable repairs. Here are three signs your BMW needs car maintenance.

4 Signs Your BMW Needs Car Maintenance

Check Engine Light Comes On

A good indicator for when to service your car will be when the engine light comes on. This light doesn’t mean something is terribly wrong with your car, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

Your Car Is Leaking

If you come back to your parked car and there are puddles underneath it, take it to a mechanic ASAP. If you have green liquid (coolant) or brownish liquid (engine oil) leaking from the front of the car, it needs to be fixed immediately.

Car Brakes Are Noisy

Car pedals that are hard to push down or are squeaky need to be looked at. You may need brake fluid or new pads to remedy the problem.

Vibrating Car Steering

If your steering wheel starts vibrating at a certain speed or you feel a vibration throughout the car, it’s imperative to take your car in for maintenance. It could be a suspension problem or you may need more steering wheel fluid, either way, it is worth getting your car checked.

Need diagnostic test done on your BMW? Call the experts at Bimmer Repair in Dallas, TX! We will repair and maintain your BMW, so it will keep working like new. Call us today at 469-471-6433!

Tips For Cold Weather Car Care

While it rarely gets extremely cold in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, it is important to modify your car maintenance routine when the temperatures drop. If you’ll be traveling for the holidays to a colder climate, make sure to thoroughly prepare for snow, ice, and other weather. Here are some cold weather car care tips to help your BMW stay in top shape all season long.

Check Tire Pressure

cold weather car careColder weather can cause your tire pressure to drop, so be sure to keep an eye out for problems. Low tire pressure can lead to poor mileage and fuel economy, increased wear on your tire tread, and reduced stopping time. Keep a pressure gauge in your car and don’t rely solely on your TPM light.

Inspect Wiper Blades

With the increased amount of precipitation common in the winter, your windshield wipers may be working a little harder. Plus, when used to scrape over frosty or icy windshields, your wipers can wear down faster. Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition before you really need them!

Take Your Bimmer In For Maintenance

Colder temperatures can cause a host of other concerns for your car, so a quick check or regular maintenance is wise. Old hoses and seals can get brittle, batteries tend to drain, and more. Be sure to schedule your BMW maintenance with the experts at Bimmer Repair before your holiday travels!

Wash It Off

Your bimmer always looks best after a wash, but did you know that keeping your car clean offers other benefits? If you drive on treated or salted roads in the winter, the harsh de-icing materials can damage your car, leading to worn paint and rust. Keep your bimmer shining all season long and be sure to wash off any salt, mud, or other dirt.

Whether you need BMW repair or professional maintenance services, contact Bimmer Repair at 469-471-6433. We are your cold weather car care experts in Dallas, TX!