4 Tips to Keep That BMW Roaring

Cars have always been a peculiar thing in the world. The bond that one develops with theirs is often weird and indescribable. That’s how we felt the first time we got behind the wheel of a BMW. Which is why we’ve devoted our entire lives to servicing and maintaining the ultimate driving machine. We know that you care about your car and want to keep it in tip-top shape. That’s why we’ve compiled a short little list of 4 tips to keep that BMW roaring like a lion. If you get a little swamped and over your head call the experts at Bimmer Repair in Dallas, TX today at 469-471-6433.

  1. blue bmw, city bmw, Bimmer, BeamerChange That Oil- We know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times “make sure to change your oil every 3000 miles.” Well, there is a reason this is pounded into your head so often. left unchecked your oil can quickly become like a thick black mud causing all kinds of trouble for your car and your engine. Not comfortable changing your own oil? Contact the experienced automotive technicians at Bimmer Repair today at 469-471-6433.
  2. Check the Tires- With gas prices always fluctuating you want to get the most our of your car. By maintaining proper air pressure you can increase your fuel mileage as well as extend the life of your tires.
  3. Check your Fluids- One of the easiest preventative maintenance measures you can take is to simply check your fluids. You’d be surprised how often this easy task gets overlooked. When you keep the correct fluid levels you ensure your car will continue flying by those Prius’s for years to come. If you’re needed a fluid flush contact the experts today at 469-471-6433.
  4. Change your Wipers- The worse feeling if flying down the highway when out of nowhere the floodgates open up and you’re left driving blind. No one likes turning on their wipers only to have them smear everything. To prevent this from happening to you make sure to change your wiper blades every spring. The last thing you want to do is crash that beautiful bimmer because you couldn’t see where you were going.

When you’re looking for a shop that gets you and your BMW call the experts at Bimmer Repair at 469-471-6433. We’re your BMW specialist and only repair the ultimate driving machine. Our factory trained automotive technicians have all of the same training and tools as the dealership but without any of the expensive markup. We even accept extended warranties just like the dealership!