4 Signs Your BMW Needs Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is essential to maintaining a pristine vehicle. Unfortunately, vehicle maintenance can also be inconvenient at times. Between work, social activities, and life in general, it can be hard to find an appropriate time. However, avoiding servicing your car can lead to damage and avoidable repairs. Here are three signs your BMW needs car maintenance.

4 Signs Your BMW Needs Car Maintenance

Check Engine Light Comes On

A good indicator for when to service your car will be when the engine light comes on. This light doesn’t mean something is terribly wrong with your car, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

Your Car Is Leaking

If you come back to your parked car and there are puddles underneath it, take it to a mechanic ASAP. If you have green liquid (coolant) or brownish liquid (engine oil) leaking from the front of the car, it needs to be fixed immediately.

Car Brakes Are Noisy

Car pedals that are hard to push down or are squeaky need to be looked at. You may need brake fluid or new pads to remedy the problem.

Vibrating Car Steering

If your steering wheel starts vibrating at a certain speed or you feel a vibration throughout the car, it’s imperative to take your car in for maintenance. It could be a suspension problem or you may need more steering wheel fluid, either way, it is worth getting your car checked.

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